Gone and back again: the conundrum of aluminum water bottles

Aluminum water bottle

In May of this year, I lost my Hydro Flask water bottle. I spent my days at home hoping that I had left it in my apartment in Los Angeles, but when I got back in August, it was still missing.  

While I was Flaskless, I bought my fair share of aluminum water bottles from Seeds or Starbucks. Each time I grimaced at the fact that I was paying for water, something that I can obtain for free. But I suppose it is the container, not the water, that has real value. 

I would reuse it throughout the day, perhaps extending its usage for another day or two in an effort to avoid purchasing the most essential liquid in sustaining human life. But inevitably, the bottle would become burdensome at some point, and I would toss the skinny metal Smart Water bottle into the recycling. 

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