Drop by drop, water refill stations put plastic bottles in their place

Plastic Bottles are out with Josh-Rebello and Nicholas Belgrave

Those single-use bottles are on their way out as water refill stations proliferate on USC’s University Park and Health Sciences campuses.

Water refill stations, also known as hydration stations, are a sophisticated upgrade. They dispense cool water through a high-grade filter. Each one represents a significant investment. The installed units can cost upwards of $2,000. A filter change is $80 plus labor.

Every unit has a counter keeping track of fill-ups. USC zero waste auditors Nick Belgrave and Josh Rebello began checking counters in November. That’s no small feat: There are 172 water refill stations on the University Park Campus, 32 more at the Health Sciences Campus. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has 60 more, but the venue’s staff take care of those

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