Annual Sustainability Survey

USC’s Sustainability, Literacy, Behavior, and Cultural Survey

In April 2022, USC administered its first annual sustainability survey to help inform sustainability engagement and education programs at USC and to establish a baseline for measuring progress towards Assignment: Earth engagement goals.

Completed by over 5,000 USC students, postdocs, faculty, and staff, the survey assessed knowledge of and participation in a culture of sustainability within the university.

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Engagement on Assignment: Earth

Survey Highlights

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Respondents completed the full survey

Interest in Sustainability

> 50% are interested in learning more about sustainability.

Sustainability Literacy

Most respondents are literate in issues around climate change.

Sustainability Involvement

Involvement in sustainability efforts/groups increased literacy and behavior scores

Sustainability Education

Sustainability education was associated with increased literacy and behavior scores.

Frequency of Sustainability Behaviors

> 50% usually conserve energy & water and reduce waste.