TommyTalks videos explore sustainability

TommyTalks at Marshall School of Business

The USC Marshall School of Business TommyTalks video series provides insight into the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the economy and environment. Learn from Marshall’s preeminent scholars how the virus has impacted sustainability, supply chains, climate change, and clean technology.

Sustainability 2.0: Rethinking Sustainability Strategy for an Era of Digital Platform Ecosystems and Exponential Change

What is the future of sustainability strategy in the corporate and institutional space?  In this talk Prof. El Sawy examines the scope of sustainability strategy and the misperceptions around it, how to rethink sustainability strategy in an era of digital platform ecosystems, and draws our attention to the need for accentuating humanistic well-being in sustainability strategy as we cope increasingly with a world of massive exponential change.

Rethinking Salt Supply Chains: Cost and Emissions Analysis for Co-Production of Salt and Freshwater from U.S. Seawater

Is it feasible to build desalination plants for the co-production of salt and freshwater from U.S. seawater that could lead to a restructuring of supply chains for salt imports? As desalination plants are becoming more popular, more of the residual concentrates must be disposed of, and selective salt recovery can help to alleviate this issue as it reduces the need for concentrate disposal and generates additional revenue. 

Regulators Can Clear the Way for Clean-Tech Entrepreneurs to Innovate

How regulatory policies are implemented can make a large difference for entrepreneurs in clean technology. Recent study on renewable energy shows that when regulatory agencies are free to decide, entrepreneurs are more likely to receive a license.

The Climate Change Challenge to Capitalism

Climate change presents a critical challenge to our capitalist system. But what would our economic system need to look like to successfully mitigate and adapt to climate change?