Resilience Engineer: School of Architecture Alumna takes on sustainable development

USC School of Architecture alumna Brittany Moffett

USC School of Architecture alumna Brittany Moffett (Master of Building Science ’16, BS Civil ‘14) has found a home at Arup, a mission-driven global engineering and consulting firm committed to sustainable development. There she has an uncommon but emerging role: Resilience Engineer.

“Right now, the world is grappling with multiple concurrent crises, like climate change, housing insecurity, energy burden, and deep systemic social inequalities. None of these profound societal issues can be tackled in isolation – we need to understand how they intersect to design solutions that move the needle on all,” remarked Moffett. “We need to get clever about maximizing co-benefits and ensuring those benefits accrue to those at the frontlines of climate impacts and historically excluded from investment.”

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