Will the rise of Work From Home improve our health?

Schaeffer Center Work From Home

Millions of Americans gained experience with working from home (WFH) during the COVID-19 pandemic and many of them now hope and expect to continue to have this opportunity. As the pandemic becomes endemic, major companies have announced varying polices about the future of remote work. I argue that government and industry should accommodate WFH or hybrid plans because the benefits are manifold.

Those with the ability to engage in part-time or full-time WFH will be free to live where they want now that their commute does not pin them down. When workers live where they want to be, they will be happier, healthier and potentially more productive. Asthmatics will be more likely to live in places with cleaner air. ;Those who love to ski will be more likely to move to the mountains. Those with a sick aging mother can choose to live near her for a time and this reduces family stress.

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