USC Viterbi-Led Team Wins $15 Million NSF Expeditions in Computing Award

NSF Discover Expedition Award in Computing

Computing forms the foundation through which a wide range of societal challenges are being tackled: from automation to climate change. But the computing industry is at a crossroads with ever-increasing scaling challenges, and significant power demands. The continued growth of computing requires transformational technologies that can reduce power and enable groundbreaking discoveries of the future. It is with this challenge in mind that the U.S. National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Expeditions in Computing program has awarded $15 million to the DISCoVER Expedition team led by USC, along with a consortium of universities including Auburn University, Cornell University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, University of Rochester, and Yokohama National University (the international academic partner). This is one of only two national Expeditions Awards announced this year.

“Both the 2022 awards support efforts that envision future materials for computing systems in a post-Moore’s law era,” said NSF Assistant Director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Margaret Martonosi.

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