Viterbi offers new minor in innovation and design for global crises 

Global Crisis Minor

A new minor at the Viterbi School of Engineering focuses on innovation in design and engineering for global crises — and it is open to all majors. The year-long capstone is CE486a and CE486b is also open to USC students with no prerequisite. 

Innovation and Design for Global Crises is a multidisciplinary collaboration to make a real-world impact. You will learn design thinking and lean startup methodology, prototyping, and systems thinking. The minor offers real-world experience traveling around the world to collaborate with people in need of innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Several nonprofits have come out of the program, and one of the teams won the Min Family Challenge in spring 2022. For inspiration, watch the Emmy-nominated documentary about the program, “LIVES, NOT GRADES” on

For more information about the minor, please reach out to Daniel Druhora: