Student innovator creates sustainable nutrition business

Student Innovator Kyle Caldwell

How did Kyler Caldwell turn a bake sale into a socially-conscious venture? Inspired by his personal health struggles, the curious freshman founded a nutrition bar company that aims to help others. When he’s not running a business, he’s exploring a unique set of interests ranging from adopting sustainable home-building techniques that benefit low-income communities to using disordered proteins to improve wound-healing dressings. Somehow he still has time to practice guitar, journal, and play sports. Learn more about his journey from Japan to the Academy.

 What is your proudest achievement to date?

I founded and run Genki Products Japan — a company that produces and sells nutrition bars. We have little to no food waste, donate a meal to students in need with every bar sold, and use sustainable packaging. We also work with the government to employ people with cognitive disabilities — a marginalized group in Japan. I started this business because I spent a lot of time in the hospital struggling with severe malnutrition, which damaged my vital organs and caused many side effects. I was fortunate enough to receive treatment, but many others aren’t, so once I recovered, it became important for me to try and help others who are malnourished and food insecure. What started off as a bake sale turned into a real business, and it makes me extremely happy to see the growth of the project and the people we’re helping.

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