Becoming a part of DDT history

DDT Dump sites

Environmental Science major Amulya Jasti first learned about DDT in elementary school after reading Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking exposé on the toxic pesticide, The Silent Spring.

“It was a catalyst for the ban on DDT in America,” Amulya explains. “I met her in a picture book, but she is still the most inspiring scientist that I have come across to date. Her research and writing have served as a great inspiration to me, and it made me eager to learn more about DDT’s role today. In recent years, information has been resurfacing on harmful DDT dumping practices in the Southern California Bight from decades ago. As a result, more scientists, government agencies, and nonprofits are trying to have a voice in funding research and finding solutions.”

Amulya is focusing her research on the long-term environmental effects and policies of the off-shore DDT dumping ground along the California coast.

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