It’s not too late to talk about climate change

ANNENBERG Sustainability Desk

Here’s the biggest question with our climate crisis: how do you react to a looming apocalypse when the news you hear is controversial and often contradictory?

Some factions of our society have taken to shooting down the messenger, a tactic which can never bode well for the future of any civilization. Some have simply chosen to ignore the problem until we absolutely have to deal with it.

Well, now we have to deal with it. Extreme weather has created such a frenzy that nothing feels normal anymore. This year, we have seen cataclysmic floods in Pakistan, record-breaking heat in the Southwestern US, and droughts in China that dried up parts of the Yangtze. The heatwaves here in Los Angeles were so scorching that our power grid was overwhelmed to the point of blackouts.

Most climate-related news reads like a harbinger for doomsday, which can often scare people into ignoring the problem and not talking about it.

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