Trojans aim for zero waste at Saturday’s football game

Zero Waste Game Sticker

USC will participate in the annual PAC-12 “Zero Waste Challenge”at this Saturday’s football game against ASU.

When you think of football games, “sustainable” is not a word that immediately comes to mind. From fans’ overuse of plastic cups and silverware, to the thousands of gallons of water required to keep the grass field healthy, football games are inherently wasteful.

In an effort to change that, some college campuses aim to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. The USC football team will participate in the annual Pac-12 Zero Waste Challenge Saturday at 7:30 p.m when they face Arizona State at the Coliseum.

The eco-friendly challenge was launched in 2011 when the Pac-12 campuses joined the Green Sports Alliance. Since 2012, each campus has participated in one “Zero Waste” basketball and “Zero Waste” football game per year. The Pac-12 encourages universities to practice sustainability alongside concessionaires, merchandise vendors, haulers, campus departments, manufacturers, sponsors and service providers.

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