Big companies and big philanthropists on the big climate issue

A still from A New Climate, an event by the New York Times geared towards conversations about the climate crisis.

Leaders from big tech and venture capital firms gathered at a climate event by the New York Times to discuss their ideas for solving the climate crisis.

A New Climate” by The New York Times included speakers from industries like carbon sequestration, electric vehicles, agriculture tech, and more.

“Clap if you think tech companies are part of the solution,” David Gelles said, as he welcomed onstage Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft.

“Now, clap if you think tech companies are part of the problem,” he said. The applause that followed was significantly louder.

The day-long programming at “A New Climate” featured a marathon of industry leaders who spoke about their role in addressing the climate crisis.

The speakers dove into a variety of topics, from how startups would revolutionize transportation through EVs, how to feed ourselves––perhaps through lab-grown meats and regenerative agriculture––to becoming carbon negative through carbon sequestration.

It delved into how big business players approached these issues with Microsoft, the Bezos Earth Fund, and major venture capital firms. In between sessions, the program smartly peppered in live quintet performances and discussions on mental health, art, and youth activism—acknowledging the deeply human aspect of addressing such an overwhelming problem.

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