Meals off the Metro: A guide to global cuisine for Trojans staying local

Metro train pulling into a station.

Staying in L.A. for spring break? Hop on the Metro and grab a bite with your week off!

No doubt you’ve seen the orange buses traveling up and down Figueroa and Hoover, and the trains rumbling along Exposition. While it’s often said to be impossible to navigate L.A. without a car, the city has a more-than-capable public transportation system that can take you to a countless number of mouth-watering restaurants.

So, if you find yourself at USC this spring Break, yearning to break free from the culinary confines of Cava or El Huero, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in LA that are easily accessible through the Metro system.

While USC students are no strangers to Lyft, many L.A. transplants have never stood waiting underneath the green awning of a bus stop. But, for those students without an AMEX in their Goyard wallet, the Metro system provides a reliable and inexpensive means to get around the city.

Emma Garcia, a freshman studying law, history and culture, finds the Metro to be a “very cost-efficient” way of traveling around Los Angeles. “I’ve only used the Metro once actually, but I’m hoping to utilize it more in the future,”  she said.

Students that grew up in L.A. have long been aware of the Metro’s convenience. One homegrown Angeleno, sophomore business major Shant Kassabian, said that even though he mainly uses his car now, he used to take the metro everywhere.

For other Angelenos, like freshman psychology major Kaylee Young, the Metro has always been a useful way of exploring the city.

“I’ve been in L.A. my whole life, so the Metro system has been a staple for me getting around anywhere,” Young said.

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