USC Celebrates Earth Month

Birds eye view of downtown Los Angeles

April is Earth Month! 🌎  To celebrate Earth Month, USC is providing programs, events, and activities to recognize the beauty of our Earth and the importance of maintaining a green and sustainable campus. Here are some easy ways you can take part in spreading the love for our planet Earth!

Listen to the EcoAlarm Podcast

The EcoAlarm podcast is a student-run podcast at USC that highlights important environmental issues in the world by inviting environmental activists, entrepreneurs, students, researchers, and executives in each episode. For example, this episode outlines USC’s sustainability framework for a greener campus with guest speaker Mick Dalrymple, USC’s Chief Sustainability Officer. If you are a science major or are interested in a more science-heavy episode, check out this segment with Billal Zayat, Senior Engineer at Twelve, a company that aims to reduce carbon dioxide levels by transforming emissions into useful products and chemicals. 

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