Why Sustainable Filmmaking Should Matter to All of Us

sustainable filmmaking panel flyer

I am passionate about sustainable filmmaking because I am passionate about environmentalism and mitigating our negative contributions to climate change. When I came to SCA last fall as a graduate student in the Peter Stark Producing Program, I realized I needed to share this passion with the rest of the USC community and enlighten people about the possibilities of sustainable filmmaking. I have produced a number of shorts and one feature film sustainably, and I wrote a 40-page research thesis paper in my senior year of undergrad on sustainable filmmaking in Hollywood. I believe that it is our duty as filmmakers to make sure we are not damaging our environment while we make beautiful art.

I am working with the incredible MISC team (Media Institute for Social Change) to put on a panel on April 17th on sustainable filmmaking aimed at educating all of us in the USC community on what sustainable filmmaking is, how students can practice sustainable filmmaking at their current level, and what sustainable filmmaking initiatives the Hollywood production companies are practicing today.

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