The Annenverse: Season 1, Episode 1

Every News Story is a Climate Story

As climate change begins to have wider and more devastating consequences, climate journalism has never been more urgent. But reporters in this field face a variety of obstacles including the politicization of global warming and public distrust.

Two members of USC Annenberg’s community share their insights on this complicated and important topic of modern journalism. Allison Agsten is the director of the USC Center for Climate Journalism and Communication, and journalism student Shreya Agrawal is the editor of the Annenberg Media Earth Desk. Led by our host, journalism major Skye Lee, Agsten and Agrawal discuss underrepresentation in climate news, the complexity of climate reporting, the importance of climate literacy and more.


This episode of “The Annenverse” is hosted and researched by Journalism student Skye Lee. Recorded and edited by Areon Mobasher. Produced by Olivia Mowry. Additional editing by Braulio Hernandez.

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