A view of the natural world through the lens of USC photographers

A sea lion swimming through a kelp forest.

As part of the USC Wrigley Institute for Environment and Sustainability’s Earth Month 2023 celebrations, we amplified the work of eight talented nature photographers from the USC community on our Instagram feed. From awe-inspiring moments captured below the ocean’s surface to chilling sights that depict the inextricable relationship between people and their environment, these photographs not only remind us of the beauty of life on our planet, but also the importance of efforts that help to protect it. See the photos and their stories below.

“On this particular winter day, the break wall in Monterey Bay had over 40-foot vis for 3 days straight – a very rare set of conditions. I had been shooting kelp bursts all day while the light exploded through the canopy above. I sat on the bottom of the sea floor with my camera set, waiting for a California Sea Lion to swim by. After five minutes, one curiously swam up to me and paused for a few seconds. I took three quick photos, and as quickly as he appeared, he was gone in the blink of an eye.”⁠

⁠Tyler Schiffman ’17 is an award-winning international photographer who has devoted his career to taking photographs and making films that will make a true impact in our world. While at USC, he majored in environmental science and health. To see more of his work, visit tylerschiffman.com.

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