How Can You Combat Climate Change Today? IYA Alums Make Action Easier

We all want to protect the planet and our future, but sometimes we don’t even know where to start or how to make a real difference. Whether it’s cutting down on meat consumption or opting for public transportation, many of us are aware of some simple measures we can implement to combat climate change – but how do we invoke expansive change beyond that? That’s where Wren comes in. 

Wren, a public benefit corporation founded by Iovine and Young Academy alumni Landon Brand, Ben Stanfield, and Mimi Tran Zambetti, is a website that calculates your carbon footprint so you can easily fund climate solutions that offset your lifestyle’s output. Drive to work and have a pet? They’ve got a plan for that. Frequent jet-setter? Learn the ins and outs of your emissions. Wren wants to make sure you put your money where your heart is. The company has grown significantly since its inception at IYA and is now a fully-fledged online community of budding climate activists who are taking matters into their own hands under the site’s guidance.

“What can you do if you’re not a policy maker or you’re not a scientist? That’s the idea of where Wren came up,” Tran Zambetti explains. “What can you really do after you cast that ballot or you make a couple small changes and figure out how to recycle and sort your trash? What can you do beyond that, which feels really high-leverage and has an impact today?” 

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