Go thrifting at these secondhand stores

A Goodwill store entrance in Los Angeles.

As students begin to settle into the fall semester and get in the groove of classes, homework and social events, it’s important to find fun activities to de-stress during weekends and free afternoons. Thrifting and secondhand shopping have been on the rise in recent years as a way to sustainably pick up new pieces, and there is no better place to shop secondhand than the City of Angels.

The value of secondhand shopping is not only in having a new piece to hang in your tiny dorm room closet but also in knowing the item has a story.

People with lives before yours wore and loved that sweater, skirt, or pair of shoes. Shopping secondhand is good for the wallet and the planet, and nothing is more fun than scoring an awesome piece for an awesome price.

Whether you gravitate toward shopping sprees for archive designer gems or quick trips to the most convenient thrift stores, here are six secondhand shop recommendations that have something for everyone.

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