USC unveils interdisciplinary fashion minor

Roski School of Art and Design

On Aug. 18 the Roski School of Art and Design announced a new, interdisciplinary minor in fashion available to undergraduate students beginning in Fall 2023. Although USC has offered various fashion classes for some time, this minor will be the first time that students can have a specific concentration in the field. 

Haven Lin-Kirk, Roski’s dean, said resounding student interest pushed the University to launch the minor.

“[Fashion is] the one thing that more students come and ask for from the art school than almost anything else,” Lin-Kirk said. “You would think it would be about digital technology, nope, for us it’s like, ‘Why can’t we have more fashion classes here?’” 

The new minor also serves as a stepping stone for students toward Roski’s forthcoming Master of Fine Arts in fashion or the Iovine and Young Academy’s forthcoming Master of Science in fashion innovation, both of which USC will soon launch.

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