Hundreds of young L.A. residents marched the streets today for climate action

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets outside City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles on Sept. 15, 2023.

Protestors took to the streets near Los Angeles City Hall Friday to call for the declaration of a climate emergency. This is the fourth year of the Youth Climate Strike in the U.S., where protestors aim to put pressure on politicians to enact progressive climate policies.

Specifically, Youth Climate Strike L.A. is hoping to get the American government to end oil drilling, plant more trees, make green schools, improve public transport and build affordable, climate-friendly housing according to a public document released by the organization.

“I think, right now, people are starting to pay more attention to youth climate activists especially. So we need to make sure that the momentum keeps going,” said Valerie Kuo, a third-year USC student and co-executive director of the Environmental Student Assembly at USC.

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