Reusable containers coming to dining halls

A dining hall at USC full of students enjoying meals.

USC Sustainability and USC Hospitality, in partnership with reusable container company USEFULL, is piloting a reusable metal container program for takeout orders at residential dining halls beginning Oct. 16.

The program will replace the compostable clamshell containers the dining hall currently provides for takeout with reusable stainless steel containers. The reusable container program will begin as a test, but the University hopes to implement it full time.

Campus dining will implement the program at Everybody’s Kitchen on Oct. 16, Parkside Restaurant on Oct. 17 and USC Village Dining Hall on Oct. 18, said Gary Marschall, director of campus dining. He hopes that the individual focus provided to each dining hall by spreading out the start dates will ensure a smooth and successful implementation of the program.

“[The container] is a metal bowl and a silicone lid that is 100% biodegradable. The stainless steel walls are double wall stainless steel so hot will stay hot and cold will stay cold, much like a YETI cup,” Marschall said. In addition to their ability to maintain temperature, the stainless steel bowls are also fully recyclable. 

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