Sustainability goes spooky: Halloween costume swap at USC

Collection bin for the USC Sustainability Hub's Halloween costume drop-and-swap program.

The Sustainability Hub, nestled in the USC Student Union, has launched a Halloween Costume Drop ‘N’ Swap initiative.

What appears to be an inconspicuous transparent bin serves a small yet powerful purpose in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. The initiative exists as part of a nationwide effort of costume swaps to curb fashion wastage.

At the hub, students are invited to drop off their gently used costumes, clothes and accessories and peruse available items. However, visitors may still collect costumes without bringing their own.

The event will run daily from Tuesday, Oct. 10, through Monday, Oct. 23, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. After this window, all unclaimed items will be donated.

October is a month rife for fashion wastage. An October 2019 study of Halloween costumes by Hubbub and the Fairyland Trust found that, at the 19 major UK retail outlets surveyed, plastic makes up 83% of the materials needed to make Halloween costumes.

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