The real scary side of Halloween

An assortment of carved pumpkins lit up at night.

While Halloween tends to be a light-hearted holiday characterized by children dressing up in cute costumes and going from house to house asking for candy, it has a dark side.

While the holiday has drastically changed from its origins when the Celts actually celebrated the evils of the world, its modern appearance — the one associated with carved pumpkins and children in costumes — is not as harmless as it seems. Halloween weekend has largely been associated with increased crime rates and this past Halloweekend was no exception.

According to an article by the LA Times, authorities reported 11 dead, with over 70 more injured in shootings taking place across the nation at Halloween outings.

The pairing of Halloween and crime is no new fad – unfortunately, the Halloween season is one often accompanied by an increase in gun violence, theft and driving under the influence. With the festivities starting during what some call Halloweekend, which kicked off this Friday, so did the violence with various shootings taking place across the country.

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