Master of Building Science Alumnus’ Wind Energy System Launches Pilot Program this Summer in L.A.

Mack Research logo in front of a picture of a lake.

Casey Castor, USC School of Architecture’s Master of Building Science alumnus, is on a mission to harvest sustainable energy from wind.

He first developed a passion for environmental design while taking relevant courses during his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“I grew up in Wisconsin and decided to attend architectural design school at UW-Milwaukee where I found a love of design and the built environment,” said Castor. “I felt as though I had found my calling due to my love of the natural world and conservation.”

During his senior year in undergrad, Casey took an intelligent façades studio and started to think about the ‘skin’ of buildings. This sparked an idea for a unique leaf-like wind module for the exterior façade of buildings.

Leaf Module Panel Systems

“The skin of a building is its only connection to the natural environment,” said Castor. “I began to focus on how we could harness the energy that the wind, sun and rain provide, and eventually I developed an early concept design for what is now known as the Leaf Module Panel Systems.”

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