Win Aung is Named on the Metropolis Future 100 List

Render of The Urban Activator project.

USC School of Architecture student Win Aung ‘24 has been named to the prestigious 2024 Metropolis Future 100 List, recognizing the top graduating architecture and interior design students in the United States and Canada.

Win is a graduate student in the Master of Architecture program, and is graduating this year. “It is such an honor to be recognized as a top graduating architect student by Metropolis,” stated Aung. “Having my portfolio acknowledged is a remarkable achievement, and I am excited to see what the future holds after graduating in May.”

Aung submitted his portfolio to the Metropolis Future 100 List, and it was his standout project, “The Urban Activator,” that ultimately secured him a spot on the list.

The Urban Activator

Situated between Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, The Urban Activator project takes inspiration from the growth behavior of the Aragonite crystal responsible for coral growth.

“Taking inspiration from coral reefs, the project aims to stimulate the city’s pulse through an unconventional urban architecture initiative,” explained Aung.

Aragonite, under ideal conditions, forms into perfect hexagonal shapes until various environmental factors like water vapor and heat are introduced. The inverse correlation between crystal growth and water vapor defines the project’s core concept.

As a result, the geometric forms closer to the shore (with less interacting water volume) are larger and house programs with greater spatial requirements, such as an auditorium, parks, and playgrounds. The uniqueness of each form creates a distinct spatial experience.

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