2024 Research Symposium Focused on Resilient Futures

A group photo of attendees at the USC School of Architecture annual Research Symposium.

On Thursday, April 11, USC School of Architecture hosted the annual Research Symposium on “Resilient Futures: Bridging Tradition and Innovation in the Living Environment.”

The packed program included keynotes, panels, and 32 research presentations by faculty and students showcasing the latest research and innovations in design, sustainable futures, and technology integration.

Keynote speaker and author Frances Anderton set the tone with a presentation on her newest book, “Common Ground – Multi-family Housing in Los Angeles,” followed by an interactive session with special guest Dr. Ishwar K. Puri, USC senior vice president of research and innovation to discuss how to effectively enhance architectural research activities at USC.

The symposium focused on three central themes – design for harmonious living, conservation as a catalyst for resilience, and technology and the built environment. The themes underscored the critical interplay between human well-being and environmental health, sparking dynamic conversations around the fusion of traditional practices and modern innovations. Through the sessions of ‘Design for Harmonious Living,’ ‘Conservation as a Catalyst for Resilience,’ and ‘Technology and the Built Environment,’ the symposium delved into creating sustainable, adaptable, and culturally resonant living environments that address contemporary challenges while enhancing lifestyle and ecological balance.

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