Class of ‘24 Spotlight on Anna Avdalyan

Anna Avdalyan

“Sometimes, a simple shift in perspective or scale can unveil solutions. I’m passionate about material activism because we can’t ignore the consequences of our material choices any longer.”

Graduating with a Master of Landscape Architecture + Urbanism, Anna Avdalyan shifted gears from the fashion and event industry to focus on the production of textiles, material ecology, and sustainable land management within California’s Tulare Lake basin. The thrilling opportunity of studying biocomposite materials and landscape architecture has allowed Anna to gain a new perspective on contemporary material culture and fuel her passion for material activism, especially with the fashion industry’s impact on the modern material crisis.

Anna’s final thesis work won Best Research Award at 2024 USC Architecture Research Symposium. Learn more about her final thesis and journey.

Q: Tell us briefly about your background and why you chose your program at USC Architecture.

My academic background lies in sociology. Prior to joining this program, I spent several years working in the fashion and event industry as a creative producer. However, I felt the need for a change, a new direction where I could use my skills and passion to address modern ecological issues. I’ve always been driven by curiosity and never afraid to follow my interests. I’m thankful for the support I’ve found at USC Architecture to pursue this path.

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