Class of ‘24 Spotlight on Calder Scarpa

USC Architecture student Calder Scarpa.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture, Calder Scarpa harnessed the value of interdisciplinary studies by exploring the relationship between food and architecture. Through his thesis, he explored how the ideas of permanence and temporality sheds light on wasteful practices in both the food and building construction industries. Calder’s interest in the intersection of art, design, and technology in and outside of education, sparks an array of interests such as product design, coding, food science, and architecture.

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Q: Tell us briefly about your background and why you chose your program at USC Architecture.

Architecture is an interdisciplinary field, and I know the way of the future is the combination of studies/practices, and the combination of individuals with different degrees/backgrounds working together. I chose this field because its education is the best at preparing us for that future. 

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