Assignment: Earth Framework

Assignment: Earth is structured to guide the university’s actions while remaining flexible enough to adapt to emerging sustainability solutions. It is informed by sustainability definitions that incorporate both universally-recognizable concepts and USC-specific features.

The definitions inform a Vision for sustainability at USC. Five domains support that vision: Education, Research, Equity and Inclusion, Operations, and Engagement. A set of Aspirations guide efforts within each of the five domains, and SMART Goals have been established for fulfilling the aspirations while ensuring  accountability, progress reporting, and transparency.

Assignment: Earth’s Vision, Aspirations, and Goals will remain consistent through the 2028 time horizon;  its flexibility lies in its Initiatives. These Initiatives include various  changes to policies, procedures, and behaviors; development of targeted-programs; investment in physical and organizational infrastructure, etc. The initiatives will remain flexible and fluid. Many will be fully implemented, but over time, others may not be feasible and, importantly, new ones will arise as technology, society, and opportunities continue to evolve.