USC Architecture Alumni & Faculty Named Winners in the 11th Annual A+ Awards
A+ architecture awards redering

Architizer named several USC Architecture alumni and faculty projects among the winners of the world’s most innovative and impactful contemporary designs.

How Can You Combat Climate Change Today? IYA Alums Make Action Easier

Iovine and Young Academy alumni discuss how they help combat climate change with a website that calculates your carbon footprint so you can easily fund climate solutions that offset your lifestyle’s output.

Saved from Extinction, Southern California’s Channel Island Foxes Now Face New Threat to Survival

Foxes inhabiting six of Southern California’s Channel Islands were saved from extinction by the Endangered Species Act. Now, a new study shows they face a different threat: their own lack of genetic diversity.

Holistic cattle farming, environmental boons: Students research regenerative agriculture

Students are conducting a research project to prove that holistically-raised food yields more nutritional benefits than traditionally-produced food while also benefiting the environment.

Air pollution particles trigger cellular defense mechanisms
Cars in traffic

New research from the Keck School of Medicine of USC shows that air pollution particles activate a cellular defense mechanism known as autophagy, which may reduce the ability of cells to fight off other harms.

Beyond Earth Month: Undergraduate scholars tackle environmental health challenges across Southern California
Collection of students in the EH Matters program

Undergraduate students in the EH MATTERS fellowship program are committed to improving the health and wellness of communities here in Los Angeles.

Integrating Innovative Climate Education into Curriculum

In commemoration of Earth Day, students enrolled in the Health Promotion 448: Global Environmental Changes and Health course, wrote op-eds about the intersectionality of various public health issues in relation to climate change.

Arbor Day at USC is the last Friday of April
Urban Trees Initiative

President Folt announces the last Friday of April Arbor Day at USC. Learn how you can help support our efforts to protect our trees.

Academia to activism: Intersectional environmentalist talks with students
Leah Thomas speaking

Leah Thomas, the founder of Intersectional Environmentalist, shared her journey from academia to activism and answered questions with students.

USC cuts waste and water use in efforts to fulfill Assignment: Earth
A person planting a seedling

Chief Sustainability Officer Mick Dalrymple highlights both visible and invisible reductions in waste in the latest annual report for sustainability.