Climate Momentum Project

What does the world desperately need to solve the climate crisis?

We have the technology solutions. We will continue to improve them, make them more cost-effective and develop new technologies. What we need is for people to adopt them, on an individual, organizational and societal level!

The Climate Momentum Project is based upon a vision that through interdisciplinary leadership in storytelling, the arts, communication, and behavioral messaging, USC will help to catalyze people, organizations, and policymakers to adopt existing and future climate solutions. The Theory of Change and key elements of success are: Arts to open hearts and minds, Climate science to inform the message, and Social psychology to catalyze action.

The Climate Momentum Project logo.

Theory of Change

A graphic depicting the Theory of Change, with the following steps: Opening hearts and minds through Arts & Media; Informing the message through Climate Science; Incorporating Actionable Solutions; Catalyzing action through Social Psychology; Leveraging Scale; and Measuring Impact through Rigorous Research.