Plastic Water Bottles

USC is eliminating single-use plastic beverage bottles

Replace single-use plastic bottles with metal, glass, or ceramic bottles you can take with you.

Single-use plastics are causing global problems — and plastic water and beverage bottles are major contributors. Every year billions of tons of plastic waste are landfilled, incinerated, or dumped in the ocean, where they leach pollutants into our water, air, soil, and food. Currently in the U.S., less than 8% of all discarded plastics are recycled. We need systemic change to reduce negative environmental and public health impacts.

To help address the crisis, USC is working to eliminate single-use plastic beverage bottles from campus. In support of the zero waste goal in Assignment: Earth, we plan to eliminate single-use plastic beverage bottles from campus by:

  • Transitioning to beverage container alternatives including glass and aluminum which can be more sustainably sourced than plastic and have increased recyclability
  • Encouraging the use of water-bottle filling stations, water coolers/dispensers, and water fountains instead of single-use plastic water bottles

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President Folt Video Message on Earth Week

USC’s unofficial school color? Green

USC is transitioning from non-biodegradable plastic beverage bottles to more sustainable packaging in partnership with university vendors.



Plastics Water Bottle Elimination FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers about USC’s single-use plastic beverage and water bottle elimination policy and best practices.

What You Can Do

What USC Is Doing

  • Providing more access to compost and recycling waste streams. USC has installed 98 new exterior multi-stream waste bins across HSC, UPC, and USC Village.
  • USC Hospitality has transitioned their dining operations away from single-use plastics to sustainable alternatives.

Taking Action

Tommy Trojan makes plastic water bottles disappear

@uscedu Plastic bottles?! 🙅🙅🙅 USC will eliminate single-use plastic bottles on all campuses and at sporting events by 7/1!👏 #USCEarthWeek #USC #TommyTrojan #FightOn ♬ Ah ah ah – kriptozavr

Zero Waste Auditors take on plastic bottles